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                                Bungkus Jaring Baling
                                • Bungkus Jaring BalingBungkus Jaring Baling
                                • Bungkus Jaring BalingBungkus Jaring Baling
                                • Bungkus Jaring BalingBungkus Jaring Baling
                                • Bungkus Jaring BalingBungkus Jaring Baling

                                Bungkus Jaring Baling

                                Bungkus jaring Baling Plastik Ganda nyaman dan efisien untuk bongkar muat, transportasi dan penyimpanan, yang tahan lama dan tahan terhadap cuaca. Bal yang dibuat dengan jaring baling ini kompak dan andal. Bale yang terbentuk kecil dan kompak, longgar di dalam dan kencang di luar, permeabilitas udara yang baik, mudah diangkut dan disimpan.

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                                Deskripsi Produk

                                • Description

                                Double Plastic baling net wrap is made of excellent PE material with a high level of UV protection and is suitable for all types of balers.      Baling net wrap is smooth and compact from the surface, will not break or knot in the process of use, has high tensile strength and high tear resistance. The bales made with this baling net are compact and reliable,the formed bale is small and compact, loose inside and tight outside, good air permeability, easy to transport and storage.

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                                • Specification

                                Processing Service
                                Product Name
                                Bale Net Wrap
                                Using life

                                Compared with hemp rope, straw net has the following advantages:

                                1. Save baling time

                                Round baling machine bale straw, straw bale net can be packed in 2-3 circles, greatly improve the efficiency of packaging, increase the friction of equipment, save time. Baling nets can easily be laid flat on the ground. Closed netting facilitates straw removal from the surface of the netting, creating a more weather-resistant roll of hay. Tying the hay with twine can create a depression, and soaking it in the rain can cause the hay to rot. Losses caused by the use of baling nets can be as high as 50%. The cost of this loss is far greater than the cost of tying grass nets. Packaged straw and grass can be better preserved, fresh-kept, stored and transported without loss of grass quality and nutrition

                                2. Perfect for silage rolls. The flat appearance of the baling net saves time in casting. When fed, the membrane and the net are dispersed together as a whole. At the same time, loading and unloading is convenient

                                3. Cut and remove the bale net

                                The straw binding net is cut and removed without worrying about finding the edge of the net. In addition, the bulk of the baling net can be greatly reduced during initial treatment. We recommend using the raw material white straw for strapping nets.

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